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Welcome to Tiki Essentials        

Welcome to Tiki Essentials

In 2007, I launched Tiki for Dummies Smarties 1: A beginner's guide to using Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (aka Tiki Basics). This guide (Smarties, as it became widely known as) became a highly useful resource for new Tiki administrators. I heard from people around the world, all expressing their appreciation for creating a useful beginner's guide.

In time, as each new Tiki version was released, Smarties continued to evolve, too. To date, more than 118 people have contributed to Smarties, as authors, editors, and translators.

Of all the feedback I've received, the most common comment (after "thanks for making this guide available") as been:

OK, I've mastered the basics. I've got my Tiki up and running.
Now what?

It was never my intention to expand Smartiesbeyond the "basics." After all, if you want to know everything there is to know about Tiki, there's already the Official Documentation(which I highly recommend). So instead, I've decide to create a guide of "essential" (well, to me, anyway) information for all Tiki Administrators. And so... Tiki Essentials was born.

In this guide you'll find my tips and tricks on how to really get the most out of Tiki (and also how to give back and get involved with the Tiki Community). As with Smarties, this guide does not cover everything there is to know about every Tiki feature. But Essentials, with the input of the more than 460 contributors to date, will help you take your Tiki beyond the basics and into the next level!

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