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Tiki Essentials

Tiki Essentials is the follow-up to the #1 (OK, the only one, that I'm aware of) beginner's guide for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware: Tiki for Dummies Smarties.

Tiki Essentials will help you take your Tiki-based website to the next level and become a member of the Tiki community. You'll learn the tips and tricks that I have accumulated over the years as a Tiki community member and code contributor, member of the Tiki Software Association, and (most-importantly) the administrator for several Tiki-based websites.

This guide is written by Rick Sapir and was originally published by As with Smarties, this project is a collaborative effort. I encourage you to become a writer, editor, or translator. It is free, easy, and takes only a moment to register.

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Tiki for Dummies Smarties
A beginner's guide to using Tiki Wiki CMS

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New to Tiki? Try Tiki for Dummies Smarties: A beginner's guide to using Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

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