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About the Author        

About the Author

My name is Rick Sapir and I have been developing technical content for software manufacturers for over 15 years.

I have been using Tiki for a variety of web projects (including and Tiki for Dummies Smarties) since early 2005. I originally choose Tiki as my CMS platform because of its large feature set. Sure, there are other (some may argue better) applications for wikis, forums, blogs, etc. But none are as fully integrated as Tiki.

In 2009 I was named to the Tiki Admin Group (TAG) and later became a member of the Tiki Software Community Association. I continue to be active in the Tiki community (using the handle ricks99) on the Tiki IRC channel (#tikiwiki), answering forum questions, Tweeting away, and doing what I can to improve the Tiki community.

Of course, just as Tiki is a tool for collaboration, so this book is a collaborative effort. While I am the primary author, I would like to thank the others who contributed. For a full list of authors, reviewers, and translators, please see the Contributors page. You can also contact me at

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