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Customizing Tiki Themes        

Customizing Tiki Themes

Because the Tiki separates the application logic (the PHP files) from the presentation layer (the Smarty TPL files), it is very easy to customize the look and feel of your Tiki site. The Tiki Themes website contains many different themes (or skins) to choose from, but you can easily create your own and customize the look of your Tiki.
{REMARKSBOX(type=If you are new to Tiki, start with "Customizing Tiki Styles" in Tiki for Dummies Smarties.{REMARKSBOX}

Tiki Themes
Tiki Themes is your headquarters for fabulous looking themes.

The Tiki Themes site has an extensive list of Template Tricks that can help you customize your theme. See for details.

This section describes several ways that you can customize your Tiki site.

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